Artificial intelligence is used in all possible directions and fields. And in recent years, the latest AI developments have been actively introduced into business processes. Real estate is no exception. The main task of AI so is to collect and analyze a huge amount of information in the shortest time. Thus, it solves one of the main problems of most companies, investors, and customers – it simplifies the search in an endless stream of information. Machine learning selects and processes various sources, leaves out unnecessary information, and delivers the result according to your request. Elements of artificial intelligence can be found in real estate business management software. In simple words, this approach optimizes and automates business processes and provides better services. So it is high time to digitize real estate company.

How Do AI solutions Help Real Estate Business?

Artificial intelligence not only automates complex business processes but also helps move customer engagement to a new level. Here are some examples of how AI can contribute to the work of the real estate agency.

  • An interactive tour is one of the most effective ways to showcase real estate, whether commercial, residential, or industrial. It gives potential buyers and tenants the ability to view every room and space without leaving their office or even on the go.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles are another technology that has actively entered the real estate industry. Drones can be used both for demonstration purposes of the object and for detailing and increasing the visibility of the object.
  • Augmented reality allows you to create a 3D model of any object. You can walk inside or outside these objects, as well as interact with them in virtual space on the object and the functioning of its various elements.

And this list can be continued as the benefits of AI capabilities are endless.

Artificial Intelligence

How to Implement AI in a Real Estate Agency?

If you have firmly decided to digitize real estate business, then the first step is to design app for real estate. Many applications already contain elements of artificial intelligence. And there are even rumors that machines can substitute humans in the future. But it is far from being true. Robots are powerful, but it is too early to say goodbye to realtors. People still prefer to work in an old-fashioned way and communicate with a living person. But there is nothing bad about combining traditional methods with the latest technologies.  This approach will increase the realtor’s efficiency and help build better communication processes with clients. Besides, digital solutions eliminate unnecessary costs. Put real estate business online and enjoy the following benefits:

  • The ability to build a client base;
  • Detailed online database of real estate objects;
  • You create a single database for all agents to avoid mistakes, duplication of information;
  • The app will distribute tasks, schedule meetings, and virtual tours.
  • The program will track the profitability of the deals and the effectiveness of agents.

And most importantly, these solutions do not require high investments. Nowadays, you do not need to wait months for an app to be created. You can buy an app for real estate agency and customize it to your business. There are many offers on the market today that will suit even the pickiest customers. These common programs have all the functionality needed for an agency – a web portal for owners, a separate panel for realtors, and an open-source app for users.

Take the benefits of the latest technologies and boost your sales with the app implementation.