Modern social networks have become the main platforms for communication between people. No wonder these media portals are really versatile – here, people can share absolutely any content, they are ready to perceive new information and immediately react to messages. Of course, the business could not ignore social networks either. According to the commercial laws, any place where more than a hundred people gather can be turned into a successful trading platform. Companies already work hard to digitize real estate business. And social networks can bring plenty of precious opportunities for the real estate market.

5 easy ways to use social media in real estate

It is not enough to register on Instagram and wait for a flow of customers. Promotion on a social network has certain rules if you want to achieve results.

  • Use social media to connect with potential customers. It is much easier and faster to establish personal contact with the person you need via a social network. Launching a personal page on Instagram will allow you to work more effectively with your target audience. Do not forget to upload your details - email and work phone number. You can advertise this profile to all your clients and add new contacts yourself when you meet a potential client.
  • Maintain constant feedback. Only a few years ago, it was enough to send out a monthly newsletter to keep your customers up to date with all the news. Nowadays, with the advent of social media networks, you have the opportunity to create a continuous two-way communication channel. Be sure to add several publications per week to your personal feed.
  • Integrate the social network into your everyday work. This integration can be done in a variety of forms. First of all, design website for real estate and put a link to your group or personal page on Instagram and other networks. You can also enable automatic sharing of all new publications to these sites. Another option is to combine social networking and email marketing. There are special applications that allow you to automatically upload the text of the mailing list to your social media accounts.
  • Use ads on Instagram. Social media ads have become a popular way for realtors to advertise both real estate and themselves. Your advertisement post should contain an attractive picture and a clear laconic description of the property object. You must have a clear understanding of your audience’s social portrait. You can also build mobile app for real estate and invite all your followers to use it.
  • Build and develop a professional image. Carefully filter all the information you post on your page. Make your posts positive and informative. Do not show your clients how difficult realtor's job is. Instead, use the power of social media for consultation and motivation.


Other ways to digitize real estate company

Of course, you should not rely on social networks only. There are other proven ways to boost your sales that should be introduced into your everyday routine. And real estate management system is one of such solutions. It will allow you to considerably expand your reach on the market. It is possible to implement an application at a very reasonable cost. Many web agencies offer a ready-to-use product that can be easily customized to your business, regardless of the size.  Real estate application has several positive aspects:

  • It efficiently organizes all information into a clear customer database and property catalogs;
  • It provides a convenient communication channel between realtors and customers;
  • It generates all reports on the company performance and analyzes deals;
  • It arranges the everyday schedule of the realtors.

It is high time to introduce all digital innovations into your business set up to boost its development.